Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall founded Berg Performance in 2011 after almost a decade involved in building, maintaining and customizing cars professionally. A car enthusiast long before he was even licensed to drive, Aaron’s expertise and affinity for Audi was built as he worked alongside his dad—learning the ins and outs of the Quattro world in the backyard and on the icy roads of Vermont’s Green Mountains. He was changing the head gasket out on his Audi 5000 turbo at age 15, and performing a 16 valve engine transplant in a VW Scirocco at the age of 17. Audi oil courses his veins. After a few years working at local dealerships during and after college—earning certification from Audi along the way—Aaron made the move to an independent shop, further honing his skills in both maintenance and vehicle customization. With a solid foundation and growing list of devout customers who follow wherever his career takes him, Aaron was able to combine his degree in business with his life’s passion, and Berg Performance was born. Aaron’s work and customer service ethic are equal to that of his technical automotive savvy, which is to say that every Audi and its driver is in good, honest hands at Berg Performance. A meticulous mechanic, entrepreneur and trusted technician, it’s no wonder why Aaron’s first-time customers become lifelong regulars.