Brent Thomas

A newbie to the Berg Performance team but a veteran when it comes to knowing the shop crew and high-performance cars, Brent Thomas’ affinity for mechanics sparked as a tinkering teenager—his parents’ lawnmower as his first ever client. That is, until he came of driving age. Fresh cut grass gave way to driving fast once Brent started playing with cars, setting sights on a career in the automotive industry.

While Porsche came immediately into focus as he attended Universal Technical Institute from 2003–2005, Jaguar slunk onto Brent’s radar screen as a more opportune pursuit at that time. It was off to Orlando for Jaguar PACE training, at the completion of which, Brent accepted an offer to work with Stevinson Imports.

It didn’t take long for his gaze to shift back over in Porsche’s direction. In 2008, after three years with Stevinson, Brent was able to get his hands on and unlock a passion for Porsches. His reverence for the brand stems from the exclusive yet accessible nature of Porsche and its ability to make cars that are at once designed for utility and performance. The Cayenne, he cites as an example, “is great off road but super comfortable on the street. The AWD sports cars are still able to drive in the snow but can go to the track and beat most purpose-built cars,” Brent beams. “And if you want to go crazy, there are the GT cars and the 918.”

Over the next decorated decade, Brent achieved Porsche Gold Level Certified Technician status and became a Lead Tech and Team Leader for Porsche, not to mention a Jaguar Master Technician and Jaguar Master Guild competitor. Along the way, he learned that Porsche techs make good [insert manufacturer here] techs thanks to the scrappiness that tends to develop inside information voids where you’re forced to think outside the toolbox and fit square bolts into round manufacturer holes.

Obsession aside, Brent boldly bets on his 2010 Toyota Tacoma (a 4 wheeling rig) to put Aaron's Porsche Cayenne to shame. He’s also the proud owner of a 1995.5 Audi S6 Avant and a 2001 Audi S4 with just a few, minor upgrades: larger turbos, full exhaust, programming, diverter valves, intake, intercoolers, suspension, sway bars, large front and rear brakes, wheels and tires, center vent boost gauge, 4 point harnesses.

Shortly after joining Berg Performance, Brent married Emily, his girlfriend of 3.5 years, in the Colorado mountains. The couple lives in Littleton (for now) with two “kids” in the form of German Shepherds (also for now). Brent and Emily are thrilled to be inducted into the Berg Performance family, where Brent hopes to continue honing his Porsche savvy as that side of the business grows.

As for the battle between Tacoma vs. Cayenne? Brent awaits with great anticipation the next 4-wheeling day to show Aaron whose rig can do what, better.