Luong "Doc" Ho - former team member, but still part of the Berg family

Luong Ho (Doc as we know him) has had cars on the brain since the age of 16 when he executed his first clutch replacement on his Honda in the garage. You could say hands-on work was always in the cards given his blue-collar background. The son of Vietnam War refugees, Doc’s father was an electrician, and his mother used to sew clothing and sell it in the Vietnamese markets growing up.

Out of high school, Doc attended Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Orlando where he set his sights high on the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program (PTAP). The most difficult manufacturer program of its time, PTAP accepted only 24 students each year from campuses nationwide. Nothing would stop him from his goal of becoming a Porsche technician.

In the meantime, he cut his automotive industry teeth at Orlando Hyundai while attending UTI and the BMW fast-track program. The next step in Doc’s goal was realized in one of the happiest days of his life, and PTAP brought him back to his hometown of Atlanta. A less-than-ideal graduation timing during the recession had him working mostly on BMWs, but Doc landed his first true Porsche gig at Hennessy Porsche of North Atlanta in 2010.

For the next six plus years, Doc grew in his career, learning about these cars and meeting his life’s influencers. He spent the majority of his 20s immersed at Hennessy in the the kind of nurturing environment where coworkers became brothers, enabling Doc to one-up his goal, achieving a Gold Meister Porsche Technician at age 26. Doc received his nickname from his brothers at Hennessy for being the "doctor". The name stuck, as it perfectly describes his depth of knowledge and skill within the Porsche brand.

Things weren’t always so smooth. When family brought Doc out to Colorado, a job at the Porsche dealer served as a harsh reminder of just how cutthroat the industry could be after only a few months. The brotherhood mentality he’d come to know and appreciate was void, and he even considered leaving automotive altogether. After wrenching professionally for more than 10 years, Doc was burnt out and missing his passion.

The good news for Berg Performance customers is that this was only temporary. One job posting and meeting with Aaron, Jeff and Kettl, were all the convincing Doc needed—if he would continue his career as a technician, it had to be at Berg Performance. Dealing with Berg’s customers only further validated his decision as he witnessed the trust and appreciation their owners have for this team. It’s rightfully earned, in Doc’s book. At Berg, he gets to be part of the big impact they’re making within the automotive industry, reshaping the way people view technicians in general.

Most of us depend on cars every single day, and for Doc, the most rewarding aspect is making a difference in someone’s life that way. As a bonus, he has a renewed passion for working on cars, a restored sense of purpose and an all-new set of goals for which he’s unspeakably thankful to the Berg brotherhood.

When he’s not working on the DeLorean (just seeing if you are still paying attention), Doc drives a Jeep Wrangler that matches the Georgia country boy deep down and gets him out into (and out of) the woods, his favorite surroundings. If you twisted his arm, he’d also drive the Porsche 997 GT2 RS.