Jeffery Beightel - former team member, but still part of the Berg family

From the moment he could crawl, Jeffery Beightel was making his way underneath cars and trucks—the first of many being his dad’s semi whenever it came time to help him work on it. It wasn’t long before cars of the fast and loud variety whipped his head around, capturing his attention ever since. Back then he lived and breathed “American muscle” in the form of a 1990 5.0 Ford Mustang… that is, until he met the neighbor with the cool cars, Aaron Marshall.

Enter Audi. One snowy road and a racetrack later, Jeff saw what these cars could really do and never looked back. Drifting from Mustang-loving drag racer to Audi-obsessed canyon driver, Jeff’s new interests eventually took him all the way to Phoenix where he attended UTI and graduated Audi academy in 2008.

Lucky for Aaron, Jeff returned to Colorado to work “under his wing,” at McDonald Audi, where Aaron instilled the virtues of customer-service centric work ethic on the new grad. Jeff would pass these assets along to his own trainee after a short three years of proving to possess the knowledge and professionalism of a seasoned technician able to quickly inspect, diagnose and repair the full spectrum of issues. While Jeff spent four years honing his craft at the dealership, Aaron was busy pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, including laying the Berg Performance foundation.

Jeff’s next chapter actually began long before he officially joined Berg Performance in July 2012, helping Aaron in nearly every step along the way. Now Aaron’s right hand man, Jeff is proud to have grown with the business, rounding out his skillset to include responsibilities massive to minute.

Though a real 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra R still might make his dream car wish list, Jeff drives a 2002 A4 Avant—among its most notable modifications, he installed a 2.7 V6 twin turbo engine in 10 days, start to finish. The other cars in his dream garage? A McLaren F1, Twin turbo Saleen S7 and what he calls the ultimate Audi: an RS2 Avant a.k.a. the first fast Audi wagon to wear an “RS” badge.