Sean Arocha

You could say that Sean Arocha was destined to join team Berg Performance. An engine enthusiast from childhood, Sean’s interest narrowed to cars and then to Audi by his early teenage years. However, it wasn't until the beginning of his senior year in high school when an immaculately maintained 1970 Porsche 911T sparked a love for German engineering. His life would never be the same after a ride in that car.

Berg Performance entered the picture about a year later when Sean upgraded from Jeep to Audi, bringing in his (less than immaculately maintained) 2000 S4 for an inspection upon research and recommendation from a trusted advisor, his mom. During that first visit, the amount of passion, knowledge and determination oozing from the Berg Performance crew (just Jeff and Aaron in those early days) inspired Sean to become a student of Audi, guzzling as much knowledge as he possibly could.

One thing he didn’t take away from that visit, though, was Aaron and Jeff’s advice to ditch his ride… immediately. Instead, it was the hard way for Sean in a lesson that quite literally blew up in his face.

For his next car, Sean’s heart was still with Audi. His wallet? Not quite there yet. So Sean kept it in the family in two ways—a VW, which he serviced at Berg Performance for the majority of its life until his decision to change course. A pivot from coaching gymnastics full time to making his Audi education official at Lincoln Tech were Sean’s first steps down a path that would eventually lead him back to Berg.

In the meantime, Aaron took Sean under his wing, giving him a chance to help the shop out on Fridays after school. Graduation brought Sean to work at Audi Boulder/Flatirons, sharpening his skills while his dream job readied. After about 3 years, his vision came full circle: Aaron asked Sean to join the Berg Performance family alongside Aaron, Kettl, Jeff, Doc and Brent. His excitement is matched only by his gratitude for all their help, expertise and assistance.

The Berg job wasn’t the only aspiration that came to fruition. Sean can now be seen driving a collection of cars, including his B5 A4 Avant, B2 4000CS Quattro and an 8V A3 Quattro with his sights set on a B5 RS4 Avant.